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Dr. George Picetti

Self Assessment

Yoga for Scoliosis


Entire Video

Pose 1:

Yoga Sit-Ups

Pose 2:

Sideways Suspended Plank

Pose 3:

Extended Table

Pose 4:


Pose 5:

Downward-Facing Dog

Pose 6:


Pose 7:

Standing Forward Fold
Exercises for Scoliosis


Entire Video

Exercise 1:

Leg & Arm Extensions

Exercise 2:

Back Extension

Exercise 3:

Triceps Raise

Exercise 4:

Bent-Over Raises

Exercise 5:

Standing Raises

Exercise 6:

Upright Row

Exercise 7:

One-Arm Row
Meet the Docs

Dr. Randall Betz

Dr. Edgar Dawson

Dr. Charles Johnston

Dr. Lawrence Lenke

Dr. Steven Mardjetko

Dr. Peter Newton

Dr. George Picetti

Dr. John T. Smith

Dr. Ensor Transfeldt

A Day in the Life - McKenna

Episode 1

A Day in the Life

Episode 2

Meet McKenna

Episode 3

McKenna's School

Episode 4

Parents and Friends

Episode 5

Surgery Day Part 1

Episode 6

Surgery Day Part 2

Episode 7

Surgery Day Part 3

Episode 8

Day After Surgery

Episode 9

One-Month Check-Up Part 1

Episode 10

One-Month Check-Up Part 2
  • Published: November 05, 2002
  • Updated: June 17, 2011